Written for all types of ministers, this new book describes Dr. Denise Massey's 6-step CARING process.

It will help you guide people to reach their goals and solve problems, while incorporating the spiritual elements of life.


Denise Massey, Ph.D.

Hello. I’m Dr. Denise Massey, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at McAfee School of Theology.

I love helping people like you who are interested in theological education and/or spiritual care and coaching.

My own search for meaning led me to complete both a PhD degree in Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Care and certification as a Pastoral Educator with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

More importantly, I’ve learned about the mysteries of life and love through my own experiences, including marriage, motherhood, and ministry. Enjoy ekxploring my blog!


Denise’s Speaking

Every year, Dr. Massey speaks to many religious groups & conventions, teaching participants how to better connect with God, their own inner wisdom, and other people.

She believes that love can be learned, practiced, and improved.  We can learn to love ourselves, other people, and God with more depth, clarity, and wisdom throughout our lives.

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1-on-1 Spiritual Coaching Sessions

With over 30+ years of ministry as a chaplain & life coach, Denise Massey has a process that uses all six steps of her CARING methodology to help you grow spiritually while creating a more fulfilling life. She coaches you to grow in your spiritual life, and uses spiritual principles to enhance her life coaching with you.

Spiritual life coaching can help you:

Remove the blocks to fulfilling relationships with God, yourself, & other people

Find success

Solve lingering relational or career problems

Redefine success

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“I learned how to apply (Denise’s) process to my conversations with ministers.

Denise’s approach gave me such a more ‘pastoral’ viewpoint to my interactions – they felt more ministerial.

The CARING Process is applicable to all aspects of ministry, whether it’s a 1-on-1 session, or a conversation in the hospital, or talking in a group setting. 

– Rev. Martha Kate Hall

“(Denise’s seminar) taught me so much. It taught me how to generate a ‘buy in’ with other groups, especially the younger generation, as well as create my OWN coaching model.

If someone had taught me coaching when I started, it would have made a huge difference.

What we’re looking for is transformation, and that’s what her teaching taught me.”



 “One of Denise’s strengths is her coaching.

Her insight has stayed with me & my ability to hold pastoral conversations now is better than it’s ever been, all thanks to what she taught me.

Taking her class or reading her book will help you become a better YOU, which allows you to help other people do the same thing.”

– Thomas Slater

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